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Gameplay is a general term used for the general way any of the games in the RCT series are played. There are a variety of tools and rides that the player can use to expand and improve parks, as well as several game modes available to play in.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Currently, there are three game modes in RCTW.

  • Campaign - You can set which place where you start and you can set your starting money. This is a realistic simulation of building a theme park, as you have to manage your expenses, income and profit. Also, buildings have maintenance costs so try to build some facilities, such as food places and toilets, and a couple of rides to start you off.
  • Scenario - The developers create challenges for you, such as the first one is where you need to take a successful park higher. The money you have is set, and you can freely edit the park with that money, just remember that you have assignments to follow. These usually last for about 1 year game time.
  • Sandbox - To create your dream park you can use this mode. You have unlimited money, meaning you can pretty much do whatever you want in game and get whatever you want to make your park look good.

Building Tools[edit | edit source]

In your building menu, you have access to tools that can help create your dream park.

  • Path - You can create straight or curved paths using this tool. You can also create queues for entrances to rides. You can also decide on path patterns.
  • Decoration - You find a ton of sub-tabs ranging from path scenery to trees, and this is what you can use to make your park look good. Then once you have chosen a sub-tab you can choose an item (in different genres too) to go around your park.
  • Buildings - You can choose from sub sections for Staff, Info, Shops and Food/Drink places. Then you can select a building and place it around your park.
  • Rides - Junior, Family, and Thrill rides currently exist, you can find out more about each ride at Rides
  • Coasters - You can select a range of pre-made coasters, and you can create your own. A detailed guide on how to create your own coasters is being made.
  • Modify Terrain - You can modify the terrain of your park to add lakes, hills and more.
  • Park Expansion - If you have enough money, you can expand your park size.
  • Move - You can move placed items for a small fee.
  • Bulldoze - You can delete an item if needed.

Rides[edit | edit source]

A good way to go around making rides is make sure you have a variety of ride types, this will keep peeps for longer, and will mean there is something for everyone. If you create a theme with only one genre or type of ride, you will only get a certain amount of peeps, and some will leave early.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • When creating your park for the first time close the park, so peeps do not come in and rate the park bad for lack of content.
  • Remember to adjust the settings when you first play, as by default the graphics are set to high.

More game information will be added soon

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