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Water Rides are a type of ride that appears in the first 3 editions of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series.


In RCT1 and RCT2, water rides consist of any type of ride that involves water. This includes rides such as the Water Slide and River Rapids. In most of these rides, guests are expected to get wet. The ratings of this category varies between specific rides, but for the most part they have higher ratings than gentle rides, but lower than thrill rides.

In RCT3, the only water rides are any type of vehicle that travels on top of a lake at any way. These include Bumper Boats, Rowing Boats, Water Tricycles, and more. Most of these rides have rather low excitement, intensity, and nausea ratings. Rides such as River Rapids, which are included with the water rides in other RCT editions, are instead in a subcategory of roller coasters called "water," in RCT3. There is also an additional category named pool slides and rides, which consists of all attractions that can only be placed inside of a pool complex, which includes lazy rivers and various types of water slides.